How does Madonna feel about Lady Gaga?


Lady Gaga has said on multiple occasions that she is Madonna’s biggest fan personally and professionally, but does Madonna feel the same?

Well, it certainly doesn’t seem like it. Madonna was asked about Gaga and some of her songs during some interviews released last week. Here are some of the highlights

“I certainly think she references me a lot in her work. And sometimes I think it’s amusing and flattering and well done,”

There’s a lot of ways to look at it. I can’t really be annoyed by it…because obviously, I’ve influenced her,”

Madonna on the similarities between her song, “Express Yourself” and Gaga’s song, “Born This Way.”

“When I heard it on the radio. I said that sounds very familiar. It felt reductive.”

“A wonderful way to redo my song. I mean I recognized the chord changes. I thought it was…interesting.”

Lady Gaga still hasn’t responded to Madonna’s accusations, although it is certain the diva won’t be pleased with what her idol has said about her!