The video that lead to Golshifteh Farahani’s exile from Iran


Iranian actress Golshifteh Farahani was banned from returning to Iran after posing nude for Madame LeFigaro as part of the magazine’s “2012 Revelations campaign”, will she regret it?

Golshifteh Farahani‘s nude photo-shoot was met with mixed reactions but certainly caused an outrage in Iran’s religious and conservative circles. The actress, who lives in France with her husband, was immediately banned from entering her homeland by the Iranian ministry of culture.

According to numerous tweets on the subject, the actress has been under a lot of pressure from her countrymen. A few days ago, her father issued a statement in which he asked the media to “stop harassing his family”. “Stop Harassing us…There are so many problems in the World, but media focuses on my daughter,” he said.

Some of her fans even launched a support campaign, calling others to add a “PicBadge” to their profile pictures showing the actress’ controversial photo-shoot.

Despite the enormous amount of reactions that this (semi) nude photo-shoot prompted, Farahani herself did not comment on the subject. Many saw her decision to take part in Madame LeFigaro‘s campaign as a sort of “vendetta” following her arrest and interrogation by Iranian authorities after her appearance in the 2008 Hollywood blockbuster “Body of Lies“.

In the video (see below), the actress is the only female actor to show off her breasts. The rest are either seen taking off their tops or in the process of doing so.

Check out this other video of the actress, in which she explains the “Islamic system” in her country, which is also prompting negative reactions.

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