Why did Dominique Hourani reject Playboy’s offer?


Lebanese singer Dominique Hourani was reportedly offered thousands of dollars to pose semi-naked for Playboy during her last visit to the United States, but why did she refuse?

Dominique Youssef Hourani, better known as Dominique, always dreamed of appearing on the covers of international magazines and billboards.

Her dreams did come true when she became the first Arab Super Model to work for top designers such as Dior, Valentino, Versace, and many more in Milan and Paris.

After conquering the catwalks and the fashion world, she decided to launch her career as a singer. In 2005, she released her first single “Farfoura” which earned her a controversial reputation due to the video clip of the song (see below).

However, this didn’t stop it from reaching the number one spot on the charts. “Farfoura” (Butterfly) also became Dominique’s nickname.

Playboy offer

Recent reports revealed that Playboy offered “several thousands of Dollars” to the Lebanese singer to get her to pose “semi-naked” for the magazine.

The offer was reportedly made during her last visit to the United States. “Playboy offered to send her a private plane for the photo shoot, where she would be semi-naked for the magazine cover, but she refused.”, stated Al-Goumhouriya newspaper.

“Many women dream of receiving such an offer to pave the way for them towards the world fame, however, I have apologized and refused the offer, as I belong to an oriental community governed by traditions which can not be violated,” said the singer in her interview with the same newspaper.

Despite the “sexual revolution” that is going on in Lebanon, it would have been unacceptable for Dominique to appear semi-naked in the magazine. Several reports say she was pressured by religious circles to tone down her very extrovert image.

Since then, the singer was said to be considering moving out of Lebanon to where “productivity and artistic opportunities are abundant at all levels”.

Although Dominique turned down the offer, she became the first Lebanese celebrity to receive such an offer by Playboy magazine.