Adidas introduces new “Cotton Touch” antiperspirant for women


It’s a problem most women have experienced: repeated shaving can damage the delicate underarm area, leading to scraped skin, irritation and an unpleasant feeling. For active women, it can be a real distraction during a game or workout, and even in their daily lives.

In response, adidas has created new Action 3 Cotton Touch antiperspirant. This special formula was developed specifically to condition underarm skin, to leave it feeling soft and soothed. New adidas Cotton Touch pampers the skin while still offering full adidas antiperspirant protection. Because when a woman feels dry and soft, she can be her best in any condition.

Reliable Protection, Soft On Skin

The formula is enriched with cotton fibers and special skin conditioners that help calm and soothe the skin to help ensure long-lasting dryness, while keeping skin hydrated and literally adding a soft ‘touch’ to the formula.

Like all the deodorants in the adidas woman’s range, new Cotton Touch also features adidas’ exclusive Dry Max System. This anti-whitening, alcohol-free formula was developed with athletes to deliver:
o Improved absorbent efficiency
o Maximum skin coverage
o Improved protection

Recent advancements in the Dry Max System mean skin stays dryer, longer compared to the previous generation of adidas antperspirants. Adidas’ Action 3 women’s antiperspirants are 40% more effective than before. Cotton touch offer up to 48 hours of wetness protection, so you can remain confident throughout the day.

A Caring, Feminine Scent

New Cotton Touch antiperspirant has a soft, cosmetic floral fragrance that suggests protection and care. With top notes of fresh citrus, bergamot and lemon Annabelle, it gently signals its efficacy. A rich cosmetic heart reinforces a sense of caring femininity through an elegant blend of rose, jasmine and lily of the valley, with spicy clove oil. Finally, a luxurious dry-down of warm cedarwood and white musk enhance the softness and roundness of the fragrance.

A Soft Look for a Soft Feel

As the newest offering in the adidas Action 3 women’s antiperspirant range, Cotton Touch packaging is designed to coordinate seamlessly with the rest of the range. The look is stylish and sporty, modern and elegant, with a curvy silhouette that is easy to handle and conveys a feminine look. Coloured caps add a chic, sophisticated twist.

The featured colour, a nude pink, echoes the colour of the skin. The hue was chosen for its soft, sensual qualities, which represent a woman’s skin as well as the gentle ingredients in this specific formula.

This package also has a special graphic with the specific picto “cotton fibers, soft skin” that curve around a line drawing of a woman’s raised arm, to highlight the unique benefits of the formula. A “48h” graphic on front emphasizes the long-lasting Dry Max antiperspirant protection.

A Choice for Every Woman

New adidas Cotton Touch antiperspirant comes in both spray and roll-ons, and joins a complete line of adidas Action 3 women’s antiperspirants: Intensive, Control, Sensitive, Fresh, Pure, ProClear, Skin Respect and Mineral Protect.

adidas Cotton Touch women’s antiperspirant will be available on retailer’s shelves February 2012.

New adidas Action 3 Cotton Touch antiperspirant. Stay dry, feel soft.

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