Anis Nassar signs his autobiography : “Rehlati min Souk El Gharb … Ila al shark walghareb”


Lebanese success stories abroad are well known worldwide, but few are documented in books to keep memories and honor History. Anis Nassar, the reputable civil engineer who succeeded in leveraging the name of his home country Lebanon abroad, came back to sign his first book “Rehlati min Souk El Gharb … Ila al shark walgharb”, in Balamand University in Souk El Gharb, on September 4, 2016.

Nassar scored another success by returning to his hometown where his successful path started, to sign his autobiography written with nostalgia and pride, a true example of hope and glory for every young Lebanese dreaming of success. In an event organized by “Events Production” and in the presence of many reputable Lebanese personalities, Nassar signed his book published by “Dar Al-Nahar”, in Balamand University – Souk El Gharb, where he contributed in its establishment and where he has a lot of memories, few of which are mentioned in his book. Nassar chose to sign his book in Balamand University due to his faith in the power of education that leads to high levels of success. Lebanese emigrants, pioneers in the field of knowledge, have proved that the key to their success is education.

In his autobiography, Nassar gave hope to every Lebanese in achieving his own success in the future, by telling his story that started in Lebanon and specifically in Souk El Gharb. And after the start of the Lebanese civil war, Nassar left his country and moved to the United States at the age of 24, where he started his career. Travelling between the United States, Dubai and Oman, Nassar experienced western cultures and eastern traditions, allowing him to write about them through funny and emotional stories in his book.

The cover of Anis Nassar's book
The cover of Anis Nassar’s book

To this occasion, Nassar delivered a message of hope to the new generation, urging them to “never abandon their home country, because Lebanon is a whole History, from which you can get all the knowledge you need. Your success abroad, no matter how big it is, will always be bigger when you stay attached to your country”, adding, “I hope that young Lebanese excel through hard work and perseverance, and access success from the large door without closing it behind them, so that other generations follow their path of success. In that way, they set the example of true patriots who never forget their country but rather help it grow and succeed through education, knowledge and peaceful coexistence”.

Anis Nassar, whose name shined in the United States, graduated from the American University of Beirut as a civil engineer in 1973, and then left Lebanon in 1976 to found the Anis Nassar Group of engineering companies in Muscat, Oman and Dubai. And despite his involuntary emigration from Lebanon, he never abandoned his country and hometown and stayed involved in all social and charitable activities. Through the signature of his first book “Rehlati min Souk El Gharb … Ila al shark walghareb”, Nassar proves that the success of every Lebanese shining abroad is based on his attachment to his country and his perseverance to leverage the name of Lebanon worldwide.