BBAC Celebrates Women’s Month for the Second Year in a Row


Stemming from its belief in the valuable contribution that women offer to community, BBAC (Bank of Beirut and the Arab Countries) dedicates the month of March to honor women.

For the second consecutive year, the bank celebrates women, in conjunction with International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day, by presenting exclusive offers on a uniquely arranged bouquet of banking products that suit their tastes and meet their financial needs.

BBAC launched this initiative last year, and was keen to continue with it for the second year. This year the offers women will benefit from throughout the month of March include doubling their points whenever they use Diamond Card, which is designed exclusively for women, they will benefit as well from a $100 deposit when opening a “Mother Account” for their children, a free first installment when obtaining a “Personal Loan”, zero file and stamp fees when obtaining a “Car Loan”, and one free monthly premium when obtaining one of the saving plans “JANA” for retirement or “NAJAH” for education.

This initiative reflects BBAC’s commitment to appreciating women who represent an integral part of the community. Moreover, BBAC is dedicated to honor social responsibility through altruistic activities and encourages banking offers, by which the bank translates its care for its customers reaffirming its promise of being “Your Caring Bank”.