Boecker Lebanon launches its safety pledge

Boecker at the Beirut Cooking Festival

Boecker Lebanon launched its “Safety Pledge” initiative during the Beirut Cooking Festival in a bid to safeguard natural resources and promote public health.

“Signing this pledge is a commitment to protecting against pests, microbes and food poisoning bacteria”, said Bana Kalash, Boecker Lebanon’s country manager in an interview with
“It is also a commitment for safe driving and to protect the environment”.

After signing the “Safety Pledge” guests were treated to a live cooking session by chefs from Socrates catering.

In front of dozens of onlookers, the chefs demonstrated how to prepare healthy and safe food following the 4C’s golden rules: Clean, Separate, Cook, Chill.

At the same time, a representative from Boecker Lebanon explained the basic rules and regulations of food safety when preparing any meal.

The cooking session also showed guests how to make their kitchen an environmentally friendly and safe place.

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