Colortek Color Carousel : A unique color experience week at ABC


Colortek will be conducting the first of a kind color study to discover what type of personality and what influences lie behind individual color choices.

The Colortek®’s Color Carousel is set to define the Lebanese of the 21st Century according to their color selection. Just turn up at ABC Achrafieh from 8th until 22nd September and at ABC Dbayeh from 1st until 7th October to find out more about this great experience.

For this event, architect Karim Andary, a designer and committed artist with a long Parisian background, will give body to this performance.

So prepare to come together and go on a journey of a unique shared color consciousness reflecting how Lebanese express and celebrate their day-to-day lives and inner desires.

Colortek® firmly believes that beyond visual inspiration, fashion trends or even color harmonies, the movement of color across current and future generations is above all a statement of our inner selves.