Just Falafel Earns First GCC Facebook Case Study


One of the Middle East’s fastest-growing brands, Just Falafel, has become the GCC region’s first Facebook case study after generating more than 3,500 requests for franchising opportunities from 70+ countries via a targeted social media campaign. Most recently Just Falafel received more than 90 email requests for franchising in a single day.

After creating a specific franchising application on its burgeoning Facebook fan page, Just Falafel secured thousands of potential partnership opportunities across the Gulf, India, the UK, and as far afield as Canada; underscoring the reach of social media as a business enabler in the region.

Rapid deployment and return on investment were among Just Falafel’s primary reasons for prioritizing social media ahead of more traditional marketing investments. The company’s quirky videos and responsive regional fan base also made Facebook an ideal fit for its growth strategy.

“Just Falafel is delighted to be Facebook’s third largest quick service restaurant page in the Middle East, and we’re determined to take the top spot in the future,” said Just Falafel’s CEO, Fadi Malas. “We have the highest number of fans per store, standing at 25,000 fans per outlet, a factor of 10 times compared to all other quick service restaurants business globally.”

In recent days Just Falafel has witnessed increased traffic on their Facebook page – reaching 7 million impressions per day, which would be high-priced if purchased through traditional marketing and media channels.

“Being recognized as a Facebook case study for the GCC highlights our company’s winning formula of a traditional food using untraditional menu options and marketing means to win the hearts, minds and stomachs of our customers and potential franchise partners,” added Malas.

Visit Just Falafel’s Facebook page for more information.