Leila chosen by CNN as Dubai’s best restaurant


Leila, the authentic Lebanese restaurant, was recently chosen by CNN as Dubai’s best place for Arabic food.

Leila is one of the rare Lebanese restaurants which has successfully exported the essence of Lebanese cuisine to different parts of the world.

With branches now opened in Kuwait, Bahrain, Egypt, Erbil and Dubai, Leila has without a doubt played a central role in making Lebanese food one of the best, if not the best, in the Middle-East.

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CNNGo, a monthly show featuring a unique take on global destinations, honored Leila in its October edition, which was about the city of Dubai.

The show’s presenter Simone Heng took her viewers to “her favorite spot” in Dubai… Leila restaurant. “This (branch) only opened up very recently, but it is hands down my favorite Arabic food in the entire country, let alone just Dubai”, she said.

To find out more about what she thought, check out the footage about Leila from the show in this video, and share away!

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