LG Electronics announces the winners of its winter campaign at its flagship store


Under the surveillance and with the support of the Lebanese Lottery, LG Electronics announced the winners of its corporate winter campaign, held at its flagship store on January 12, 2016.

The results of the campaign were announced during an award ceremony following a raffle draw which brought together several LG Electronics and SEALCO – LG Electronics’ exclusive Consumer Electronics’ (CE) distributor – representatives.

The campaign, kicked off in winter 2015, aimed at granting five ‘feel good’ wishes for the holiday season, whereby each lucky winner was granted a select request based on five categories, including a fully paid round trip to Euro Disney in France for quality time with the family, a romantic getaway with one’s significant other to Venice, Italy, a home entertainment upgrade through LG Electronics’ revolutionary OLED TV, a kitchen appliances’ upgrade through LG Electronics’ 4-door Door-in-Door refrigerator and a $5000 gift card to be spent at LG Electronics’ flagship store.

In addressing attendees, Mr. John Kim, General Manager at LG Electronics in Lebanon, said, “We are pleased to be gathered here today at our flagship store as we celebrate the spirit of the season through our winter campaign. As a ‘feel good’ brand, we give to people and causes we believe in so that a difference for the better can be made.”

Mr. Kim also emphasized the importance of echoing the brand’s experience for all people, and its ongoing commitment to provide all clients with a sense of convenience and innovation via LG Electronics’ flagship store, saying, “Our flagship store captures our ongoing efforts to provide customers with a sense of innovation where customers are guided to make sufficient buying choices by selecting a variety of premium and innovative products that cater to their specific needs.”

LG Electronics’ flagship store, launched in March 2015, redefines the standards of customer interaction in line with the brand’s progressive, customer-centric approach. Aimed to enhance the shopping experience of Lebanese consumers, the flagship store serves as an ultimate retail experience, conceptualized to cater the needs of any household, ranging from Home Appliances, Home Entertainment to Mobile Communications.