Treat your mom with an exceptional facial treatment at Beauty Concept


It is a month full of celebrations. It is the women’s month and the one where the magnificence of spring season instigates.

Nonetheless not just any woman is honored on March 21st. They are the women who are life givers and care takers; the women who spend years and generations teaching their children and grandchildren about the principles of life: they are the mothers.

Though mothers deserve special treatments on every day of the year, the day dedicated just for them is where they get most attention and courtesy. However, Beauty Concept – Dunes, a cosmetics and beauty shop which gathers various international brands, decided to offer a relaxing free facial to mothers in celebration of Mother’s day. Media reps were also invited for the free facial as a gift for this occasion.

Aiming at honoring mother’s in a special way, Beauty Concept, the experts in beauty products and cosmetics, saw that giving ultimate relaxation to the most loving and life giving figure in society is the best way to pay respect and admiration to Lebanese mothers.

Beauty Concept thus prepared a facial set up in their shop at Dunes with skincare specialists available on ground especially for this occasion so women could indulge in a tranquil experience as they let go of any concerns on their mind.

It is said that “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” however one thing everyone agrees on is the eternal beauty of motherhood. So Beauty Concept – Dunes decided to give mothers a special facial treatment as a gesture of appreciation for all their dedication and hard work and to tell them that their efforts will not go unrecognized.