10 good foods for your hair


Are you fed up of loosing your hair ? Do you dream of shiny, strong hair ? Forget about all shampoos, conditioners and discover with BelleBeirut 10 foods that will make your hair look good because we all know that beauty comes from within.

 1 – Red meat

Iron deficiency may promote baldness, according to a research conducted in a clinic in Cleveland. The study found that people who have problems of hair loss are often anemic, especially women. You can find iron in red meat, but also turkey, lentils, or dried fruits.

 2 – Eggs

Their yolks are full of biotin, and vitamin B, which promote hair growth and renewal of nails and skin. You can find also biotin in soybeans, egg yolk, the juice of spinach, avocados, oatmeal …

 3 – Bananas

They contain traces of silicon that enhance the thickness of hair. There is also silicon in green beans, beer, or some mineral waters.

 4 – Green vegetables

Broccoli, spinach and other green vegetables are full of vitamins A or C, which favor the production of sebum. The sebum is a secretion by the sebaceous glands of a lipid film that will protect and nourish hair.

 5 – Oysters

Oysters are foods high in zinc, a mineral that regulates the production of androgens. Androgenic hormones can have a major influence on hair loss in women. People who have low androgen levels may also suffer from slow hair growth … you can find zinc in seafood, meat, egg yolk, whole cereals, vegetables and fruits (cabbage, spinach, tomato, peach, orange).

 6 – Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes make us fill up with Beta-carotene, which our body converts to vitamin A, an agent for nourishing your hair and skin. Beta-carotene is also found in carrots, spinach, chicory, mango or papaya.

 7 – Lentils

Vegetables like lentils or peas are good sources of iron proteins. Lentils, in particular, are good support for the maintenance of hair.

 8 – Fruits and vegetables

They are full of vitamin C which helps your body absorb iron. A lack of vitamin C lead to dry and weak hair. You can find Vitamin C in broccoli, citrus fruits and strawberries, for example ..

 9 – Sardines

Omega 3 and fatty acids are present in foods such as sardines, salmon, mackerel or hazelnuts. It preserves the health of the scalp, eliminating dry scalp and damaged hair.

 10 – Olive oil

Nobody wants dry hair, but if your diet is too low in fat, this is what could happen to you. There are some good oils as olive oil, nuts and sunflower oil that can restore the shine of hair. A teaspoon a day is enough to get your fill of shine.