4 tips to wake up looking gorgeous


You can’t believe that waking up looking gorgeous is quite a real thing, but it actually is! Check out our tips on how to wake up gorgeous and revived in the morning even if you don’t sleep enough.

Change the Way You Sleep

For those who want to wake up gorgeous, it is first of all necessary to change the way of sleeping. According to the researches people who get used to sleeping on their stomach are more likely to wake up with puff in eyes. And for those who sleep on the back it will be better to throw one more pillow under the head to prevent you from waking up with swelling face.

Avoid Heavy Meals, Caffeine and Alcohol before Bedtime

Eating heavy meals just before the bedtime can cause the problems with digestion that can keep you awake and absolutely restless. And what is more unpleasant is that dark circles under eyes are absolutely guaranteed. The same goes to caffeine as it causes insomnia. And as for alcohol it can surely help you to fall asleep faster, but all those strong drinks have a diuretic effect that makes skin dry.

Never Go to Sleep with Wet Hair

Never go to sleep with wet hair if you don’t want to have a bad hair day. It is better to blow dry your tresses a bit and then braid into two pigtails for loose beachy waves. But don’t braid your hair tightly, as it creates a lot of stress on your facial skin that causes wrinkles.

Opt for Satin Pillowcases

It is better to sleep on a satin pillowcase than a cotton one or to wrap your head with a silk scarf to minimize your morning bed-head.