9 Unusual weight loss tips


It is settled, we all “ALL” hate dieting; specifically during summer when we’re out and about most of the time; and the most delicious cold desserts and beverages are served! Oh and the parties and the alcohol … Do not get me started on that!

Avoiding the calories is simply “impossible”, reducing them on the other hand is very doable! Belle Beirut gathered a few easy tips to apply during summer so you can keep your weight or lose some of it over time!

1. Some foods take more calories to digest than their own calories; add lettuce and cabbage to your lunch and dinner; they’ll make the system work and bring a minimum of calories.

2. It is summer and the weather is great, time for barbecue! Use this as your escape from fried foods; the grill is on –outdoors- and everything becomes magically healthy.

3. Make healthy lettuce based salads and keep them super cold in the fridge; they will satisfy your night cravings and bring in some extra water to your body. And if you can totally substitute your regular dinner with these, then it will be easier to lose a few pounds.

4. Ice cream is not as fattening as you think if you order it fat free; with 50 calories a scoop, 3 scoops can be your daily snack. Remember, the creamy ones have much more calories than sorbets.

5. For most, finding the food is the first reason to eat it! Keep desserts off your fridge and load it on low calories fruits. Believe it or not, cold fruits quickly become a new healthy addiction.

6. Sparkling water and diet sodas are always better than fruit juice –in terms of calories- Juices are rich in calories and poor in fibers, you do not need them. Our favorite mix: half a cup of fruit juice with half of cup of sparkling water  Half the calories, and the same great *sparkly* taste.

7. Do you know that the body easily confuses hunger and thirst? Make sure you’re drinking frequently so you won’t eat calories you don’t need.

8. Parties are unavoidable! Keep it low on the alcohol because it is horribly high in calories, mix your drink with ¾ diet soda to stay on the safe side and do not exceed 2 drinks! Remember, alcohol in  No desserts or snacks same day!

9. The gym! Oh yes we all hate this “duty” but this too has a way around it! Collective classes, dance classes, group sports like tennis, and martial arts! In addition to a large host of summer activities, these can help you get in shape and lose weight without agonizing in the gym!

Voila, “Les Delices de L’ete” if you can’t beat them, work around them!!

Glamorously in Shape!
Patricia I. Issa