NIVEA’s 4 tips for a successful skin cleansing routine


NIVEA, the world’s No.1 skincare brand, is encouraging women throughout the Middle East to examine their makeup routine, and change bad habits into good ones.

The reign of no-makeup makeup is officially over in this region, and following the latest makeup trends is becoming crucial to most women who want to achieve a perfect look. NIVEA reminds all women how important it is to prep the skin to attain a natural makeup look while at the same time preserve healthy skin.

A key factor in face care is keeping a routine, as cleansing incorrectly can cause excessive drying, oily skin, or even breakouts. Experts recommend the following simple tips be part of any woman’s cleansing routine.

1. Clean your skin. 64 percent of women believe that makeup looks better when applied on clean and pure skin, and this is absolutely true.

2. Choose a gentle and caring cleanser that is dermatologically & ophthalmologically approved.

3. Using a cotton pad or a facial wipe, women should massage their facial cleanser in circular movements along the face and neck.

4. Apply whatever products you use (toner, serum, eye cream, moisturizer) within a few minutes, while skin is still damp and pores are open.

“The secret to beautiful makeup is clean, soft and cared-for skin,” says Cynthia Otaki, NIVEA Brand Manager. “The secret to healthy skin is maintaining a regular routine. There are many things we can do – and should do – to care for our skin so maintain a healthy, flawless appearance for years and years to come.”