To All the Single Ladies on Valentine’s day: “Love Yourself In Style”!


Just hung up the phone, to find out that he will be on a business trip from the 12th till the 26th … down the drain with Valentine …

Anyway, Valentine is in few days!! And I also heard a rumor you’re not going to be with him… So why don’t you, ladies, start by loving yourself this valentine!

It is a fact that a lot of us are not spending this February 14 with Valentino. He is either just not there yet, living abroad, on a business trip in the worst timing ever (welcome to my life), taking a break (sorry…) or just still dating and not ready to take it to the next level by celebrating Valentine… Whatever is the reason, you ladies, still deserve a special day; and here are some ideas on how to spend it:

Go shopping!

• Take a trip to the mall, and buy yourself few pieces of these awesome flowery spring/summer 2012 pieces of clothes! They’re everywhere, at all ranges of prices and just flowery enough to keep you cheered!

Buy shoes!

• Shoes! I know you saw this coming!! Go to your favorite shoes boutique and pick a pair of totally non-basic heels, something flashy, sexy and totally not-for-everyday style! Try yellow, tangerine orange, cobalt blue or fuchsia; these colors are going to make it big this spring and summer!

Get a haircut!

• Take a trip to your hairdresser and get yourself a new hair cut, color or a new hair do! Try something new and take a picture! If you decided to take this option, ask your hairdresser to teach you how to make French braids, you will soon need them to keep it trendy!

Go to the spa!

• Treat yourself to a royal package of premium spa treats: Thai massage, Jacuzzi, facials scrubs and masks, manicure and pedicure and any other treatment you feel you need, or just relaxes you!

Plan a girl’s night in!

• Prepare a spa night in with your girls! Gather your girlfriends, buy all the facial scrubs, masks, delicious body lotions and body butters, scented oils, or any other products you feel like using!! Play the music or DVDs; pop up those couple of bottles of Moet Chandon Imperial Rose and have a tipsy beauty and gossipy night in!

Plan a girl’s night out!

• Plan a girls’ night out!! And do I even need to explain? Look all glam and go hit the pubs/clubs with your girls!! If Valentino is on a trip, tone down on the alcohol and the flirting though, we don’t want to have to deal with damages!

I am going with the girls’ night in! For girls’ night out is not an option this time (well … you know …). But for you & whatever your choice is, remember to love yourself first!! Oh and easy on the alcohol!

Glamorously yours,

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