American student identifies himself as “Abu Sharmouta” on national television


In an interview with ABC about a supposed armed robbery at his university, a student identified himself as “Abu Sharmouta”, which in Arabic means “Father of the whore”.

In the video description, posted on Youtube on December 13th by “Reham Shobaki”, it is said that the Twitter handle of the young prankster is “@ThatPanCakeKid” and that he trolled the University of Houston (U of H) “by pretending to be a victim of a robbery”.

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On his twitter account the young man, in his twenties, identifies himself as “Sayed Jamal Hamideh” and ironically refers to himself as #AbuSharmouta in his own Twitter bio.

Judging by his most recent tweets, it seems Sayed Jamal Hamideh was quite amused by the reactions he got from his friends and parents.

He said his father laughed secretly about it :

While his mother said he should have used a more polite nickname.

The young man also explained that “Abu Sharmouta” is an uncontrollable “alter ego”.

Now I’m sure most of the young people who speak Arabic and live in the US will laugh this off, but I surely can’t say the same about the people over at ABC, if they find out the true meaning of his nickname.

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