There’s no longer any debate: Mina-Tripoli municipality officials have lost their minds


According to fellow blogger Najib from, the Mina-Tripoli municipality distributed flyers (the irony) a few days ago proudly announcing they are planning to “eradicate” all stray dogs in the city.

As if the second largest city of Lebanon needed more violence. What with all the clashes that have been going on between the rival neighborhoods of Bab el-Tebbaneh and Jabal Mohsen, the killings, the kidnappings, the armed robberies, I mean what’s with you people (p.s: the officials) ?

Didn’t you ask for an end to all forms of violence and “beg” the state to launch a security plan? (Which, by the way has been breached) I’m beginning to wonder if the officials are the same armed men implicated in the clashes (oh rly?).

I know what it’s all about, you’re behaving like 5 year old frustrated children. You can’t fight each other so you’re taking it all out on the dogs, I mean heck we’re done with the birds lets finish off the dogs.

But wait, which dogs are we talking about here? The ones that have paralyzed the whole damned country and decimated the economy?

If you’re talking about them, forget what you just read and go ahead.