Foot whipping video of Lebanese students: The tip of the iceberg


The video of a school headmaster foot whipping students at a school in south Lebanon made headlines on Tuesday and went viral on the Internet, prompting the Lebanese Education Minister to take action.

The video, broadcast by Al-Jadeed television, triggered angry reactions on social media. People criticized the school, the Headmaster, the Educational system and the government, of course.

Lets face it, if one of the students (or whoever filmed the incident) didn’t have the guts to (secretly) bring his phone and spread the video, these poor children would still be getting foot whipped and no one, would have been able to do anything about it.

And we all know this is just the tip of the iceberg: How many students in other public schools actually own a smartphone and are able to talk about what they are going through? How many students are enduring other forms of violence in Lebanese public schools and can’t say sh*t because their parents work their a*s off just so they can buy them some books and pencils? How many Syrian students are being abused in Lebanese schools, without anyone saying sh*t?

Well even though its sad that we have to rely on social media these days to be able to get some sort of justice in such cases, we have to say thank God this kind of technology exists in Lebanon. Lets just hope it will help eradicate all sorts of unjust-disgusting violence from the Middle Ages.