Chiara Boz, the Italian fashion illustrator who is inspired by the Middle-East


Talented Italian Fashion illustrator Chiara Boz talks to BelleBeirut about her passion for fashion and the Middle-East.

It’s not that common to meet an Italian fashion illustrator who has a weakness for the Middle-East in general and the Arab culture in particular.

Chiara Boz is one of those rare talented people who really knows what she wants and how she wants it done. It is a motto that works perfectly in her line of work and that has helped her market her brand: Rëveplus in the Middle-East.

Reveplus designs
Rëveplus designs.

She’s currently working with Tees & Bags, which is the official distributor of her brand in the region, and has recently created a special Rëveplus Ramadan collection with them.

Rëveplus is also increasingly popular in Italy where it is available at boutiques of the city of Mantua (B.Home), Macerata (Arte&Co), Cefalu (Lory Art & Design), Caserta (Coco’s Style ) , Marsala (Melatiro), Taranto (Imperatrice). It is also available in Toronto, Canada (Lamania).

In an exclusive interview with BelleBeirut, Chiara tells us more about her work and her brand.

1- How would you introduce yourself to the Lebanese and Middle-Eastern fashionistas, who do not know anything about you?

I am a freelance fashion and editorial illustrator based in Italy, I tell stories through illustrations and fabric, my love for fashion and elegance has led me to create my own clothing brand: Rëveplus clothing

Rëveplus cushions!
Rëveplus cushions!
2- What made you decide to become a fashion illustrator?

I have always loved art, fashion and illustration. I’ve been passionate about drawing, I guess that my interest has always been in creating images and telling stories.

I began my career after receiving my high school diploma at the Art Istitute of Pordenone (Italy). As a freelance illustrator, I worked for dozens of magazines and editors. Then my passion for fashion and elegance has led me to create my own clothing brand: Rëveplus clothing.

Closeup of Rëveplus designs.
Closeup of Rëveplus designs.
3- Tell us a bit about your style?

My style reflects my personality, I love to use watercolors, light and delicate color tones, refinement, elegance.

4- What sets you apart from other Italian designers?

Italian designers grow up with a strong artistic heritage. I was brought up to the aesthetics of the Renaissance and Italian Baroque, both at school and in my family. When I started working as a freelance illustrator, I had a strong curiosity towards other cultures, like the art of the Middle-East, and this has definitely influenced my style.

Probably the difference between me and other Italian designers is my strong interest for Arab culture.

Rëveplus designs.
Rëveplus designs.
5- What inspires you in your work?

The inspiration comes from myself, anything that I find sophisticated, tasteful and elegant like jewel, perfume, painting or beautiful fabrics. I am inspired to timeless elegance, art, colors and scents of the Middle-East, I love to mix pieces of different eras.

6- What do you think of Lebanese designers? Who is your favorite and why?

I believe that the creativity of Lebanese designers is becoming the highlight of the most important fashion cities like Milan, Rome and Paris. An example of this is the recent collections of Elie Saab, Zuhair Murad and Abed Mahfouz, their designs are so so feminine and dreamy.

My favorite designer is Elie Saab, I love his wedding dress collections, it’s incredibly elegant and charming. I know that Beirut is organizing the “Beirut Design Week”, I think it is a fantastic thing for the many talents of local and international designers can make themselves known to the public.

7- What are your plans for the future?

I am currently developing new products and I’d love to have more international clients.

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