DJ Dannic gets set for Holi Festival Of Colours in Beirut


Dutch DJ Daan Rommers, better known by his stage name Dannic, talks about his highly anticipated performance at the Holi Festival of Colours in Lebanon.

Are you excited about playing the Holi Festival of Colours in Lebanon? Tell us about the last time you were here and what we can expect from your show.

I have played Holi Festival shows before, in Peru and Lima in South America I think were the last ones I did, but I’m super excited to play in Lebanon and see what the crowds have to offer! Beirut is a super city but I played in WHITE Club last time, a beautiful venue but it has a more VIP/ Luxury feel, so I’m pumped to play to a more varied and diverse crowd in a different setting.

What do you think makes the Holi Festival of Colours event different from other music events with big productions?

Of course, the colours! I’ve played at events including paint parties and on some major stages with the most insane production I’ve ever seen, but handing over the materials to the fans in the audience so they can go crazy with the festival powder as they wish is so much fun! It makes the audience a part of the show that you don’t just listen to, but also feel as a DJ behind the decks with their participation.

DJ Dannic

Tell us about your recent touring plans and music releases.

Well, after Beirut, I have a number of festivals including New Horizons in Germany and Refuel and Music Circus over in Asia, I’ll then be heading out on some more US dates, always fun to play in those regions and discover new places. Release-wise, I have a collaboration with Fedde Le Grand that I’m super excited about – ‘Coco’s Miracle’ – that will be released on Spinnin’ on August 25th. Fedde is a real hero of mine and a figure in the industry that I’ve constantly admired for years both behind the decks and in the studio, to jump in with him to create a fresh take on a classic anthem was so much fun!