Grace Rady: “A wedding is a work of art”


Renowned celebrity wedding planner Grace Rady talks to BelleBeirut about her career and her favorite things about weddings.

1- How would you introduce yourself to the people who do not know you?

Grace Rady is simply a wedding planner. I go around a lot, I love to travel, I enjoy discovering new cultures, and I’m really into arts. There’s a special place in my heart for everything that brings inspiration. After all, weddings to me are a work of art. It’s not only about business, it’s about passion.

2- How did you get into the wedding planning industry?

I started out by launching a protocol company called “Marketing and Media Services”, which handled and organized a lot of corporate events. Then one day I got the opportunity to organize my first wedding. This led me to launch a new company called “Gracy’s Wedding” through which I got into the industry.

3- What is your absolute favorite thing about your work?

What I enjoy the most is the diversity and the creativity. In weddings there is no routine, there are no two weddings that are exactly the same or two brides that have the same character. Every bride I work with gives me new ideas and inspires me through her dreams. I can be myself through these projects. For every wedding, we start from 0 and give it all we’ve got, while meeting new people and learning about new ideas.

Grace Rady, a belle wedding planner!
Grace Rady, a belle wedding planner!
4- What made you want to start a Youtube channel?

The concept behind the Grace Rady channel came off a gap that I noticed in the digital media and blogging scene. There are no weddings or brides sources that are both informative and accessible enough for girls and brides to learn more about weddings and creating/preparing themselves for their big day, and in the Arabic language.

That’s how the Grace Rady channel was born. We aim to become every girl and bride’s go-to source that is both trustful and informative about everything that relates to the wedding and bridal world. From fashion to beauty to wedding concepts and so much more that an everyday girl searches the web for. I’m trying to present the gist of my expertise as well as other notable professionals in a very simple yet fun way that would hopefully make every girl prepared and well-informed about making her dream wedding a reality.

5- Tell us about the most memorable event (or wedding) you planned.

To me, there is something special in every wedding, when I design a wedding it should have something different. I always try to incorporate something in the weddings I design to make it memorable and unforgettable. I never work on weddings if it doesn’t have something very special. Some of the brides are afraid of my ideas, but when they see it with their own eyes, they are mesmerized!

6- What is the weirdest request you’ve received from a bride-to-be?
Grace Rady, the eternal bride!
Grace Rady, the eternal bride!
7- Where do you find inspiration for your amazing ideas and designs?

I find inspiration in everything, everywhere. It goes from a painting to nature, and mainly comes from a specific feeling. I travel a lot and get inspired from different cultures and new architectures or even events that I attend. You can even get inspired from specific personalities, books, dinners, anything!

8- What is the most important element to make a beautiful wedding?

A beautiful wedding, should be beautiful to the bride. So the most important thing is that the wedding planner understands what the bride wants exactly, and what she loves. He should be able to translate all of this into a wedding and give her a package which exceeds her expectations. A happy bride is a beautiful wedding, you can see it in her eyes when she enters the venue. This is what matters, this is what makes a beautiful wedding.

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