Talaya Water: Lebanon’s purest and safest drinkable water


BelleBeirut talks to Marcel Hage, CEO of Talaya water, about the company’s establishment, its unique respect towards the environment in Lebanon and its projects for the future.

1. In a few words, how would you introduce Talaya water to someone who never heard of it?

Talaya Water is pure mountain water bottled in Tarchich at 1,735m above sea level, making it one of the highest sources in Lebanon. The company was initially founded in 2009 and began operating in 2012 after getting the necessary approvals from the government.

Talaya Water differentiates itself from the competition through its innovative product and its respect towards the environment in all the stages of production.

2. How has the feedback been so far regarding the introduction of the first glass water gallons in Lebanon?

The introduction of the first glass water gallons in Lebanon was met with very positive feedback from our customers. Most of them being families with babies or health-conscious people of all ages who want the purest and cleanest water for their health.

As you know, plastic bottles or gallons can pose a health risk when exposed to sunlight for a certain amount of time, or when overused. At Talaya, we are committed to do whatever needs to be done in our pursuit of perfection hence the launch of the glass lineup.

3. Does respecting the environment in the production of drinkable water in Lebanon give you an edge over the competition? If so, how?

We were the first company to launch glass water bottles in Lebanon. This prompted several other companies to do the same. However, we make sure to respect the environment in all the processes of bottling and production of water for all our products. In fact, our water is bottled with state of the art equipment in accordance with ISO 22000 quality standards.

Talaya water is bottled at our plant in Tarchich, where our bottling line minimizes human contact with the container filling procedure. This ensures that no foreign bodies are present in the glass bottles or gallons, making it perfect for our customers.

4. What are your plans for the future, especially that water as a resource is threatened in Lebanon?

We are working on a new concept which will be revealed soon, and we will continue to provide our customers with the purest drinkable water from the highest source in Lebanon.

To know more about Talaya, check out their website by clicking here, or visit their Facebook page by clicking here.