Tony Ward designs dazzled Hudson River’s fashion show


Model and entrepreneur Jessica Minh Anh marked her 9th history-making fashion show on 19 March when she transformed the Hudson River into the world’s newest catwalk.

J Spring Fashion Show 2015, which lasted nearly two hours, presented New York, as we all know it, in a new light.

Beautiful designs.
J Spring Fashion Show 2015.

Visually pushing the envelope, Jessica Minh Anh created the illusion of models walking on water by having guests seated facing the multi-faceted glass windows of Bateaux New York and watch models walking in front of them while the boat was cruising. As a result, New York’s famous skyline and its architectural masterpieces such as the Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty, and One World Trade Center became the natural backdrop for the floating catwalk.

tony ward
J Spring Fashion Show 2015 showcased a combination of haute couture, high-end ready-to-wear, luxury jewelry, and leather bag collections from 4 continents.

Similar to Jessica Minh Anh’s previous phenomena on the Grand Canyon Skywalk, Eiffel Tower, and One World Trade Center, J Spring Fashion Show 2015 showcased a combination of haute couture, high-end ready-to-wear, luxury jewelry, and leather bag collections from 4 continents. Participating designers embraced tradition and culture, yet experimented with innovative techniques of modern designs.

beautiful designs
Each look enchanted viewers with a burst of colors and unique craftsmanship.

The highly anticipated catwalk opened with an exquisite haute couture collection by Japanese legendary designer Yumi Katsura accompanied by an even more impressive jewelry collection by Colombian-German talent Sonia Heilbron. Each look enchanted viewers with a burst of colors and unique craftsmanship in Sonia’s designs, as well as the spectacular embellishments, layers, and texture in YumiKatsura’s long tail dresses. Both designers succeeded in marrying heritage with a new dimension of luxury and glamour.

Elegance and sophistication on the catwalk.

Adding elegance and sophistication to the grand catwalk, Eastern European representative Lesya Lozneva premiered an airy and alluring collection made of soft cotton, translucent organza, delicate wool, and smooth silk. Inspired by shades and patterns of nature, the Ukraine designer teamed transparent dresses in the colors of forest berries, deep sea, and sunset meadow, with stylish bodysuits. Also with a great attention to detail, Sabres Fashion House from Romania managed to bring in a refreshing perspective with a new collection called “Mystique”. The central European brand creatively presented sensuality using luxurious gold fabrics, hand painted motifs, intricate embroideries, and distinctive cuts.

Italian luxury handbag brand Gianfranco Lotti spiced up the catwalk with a premium quality leather bag collection, which showed authenticity at its best. Handcrafted in Italy from the finest alligator, the collection featured both classic and structured silhouette designs celebrating modernity and uniqueness. Gianfranco Lotti’s handbags were accompanied by classy and elegant dresses by UK fashion brand Reiss.

A beautiful fashion show.

From New Zealand to New York, Frances Jerard presented a multi-layered floral and lace collection, which is flirtatious and joyful. Whilst on the other hand, Indonesian powerhouse Bateeq stood out by mixing traditional batik motifs with structured shapes and daring low cuts.

Returning to Jessica Minh Anh’s iconic catwalk is Indian sensation Shilpa Reddy with a brand new collection called Floral Geometry. The creative artist reinvented cultural embroideries on Pochampallyweave while delivering impeccable cuts and clean structures.

Another representative from South Asia is Pakistani designer Syeda Amera, who showcased an ultra-feminine collection with many glittery beads and sequins. Amera’s designs in aqua and blue shades not only accentuate a woman’s body but also give her a modern edge with dynamic patterns and transparency.

Amazing designs and creations.

The South East Asian brand illustrated their cultural evolution and heritage in a 25-look collection while keeping it contemporary and youthful.

J Spring Fashion Show 2015

J Spring Fashion Show 2015 ended with a captivating haute couture collection from top Lebanese designer Tony Ward, who brought class and extravagance to the unconventional catwalk. The Middle Eastern talent showcased an exclusive Heritage collection, which reflected a fusion of layers, shapes, and colors. The perfect silhouette combined with fashion forward cuts presented an almost unattainable balance between two contradictory states of whimsicality and boldness. Jessica Minh Anh appeared as a vision in the extraordinary finale dress, closing the high profile event on a perfect note.

“Jessica Minh Anh’s innovative catwalk concept took my breath away.”

“Jessica Minh Anh’s innovative catwalk concept took my breath away. It was truly magnificent. I cannot think of a better way to present fashion and New York,” said Jana Leblanc, Cosmopolitan CZ. “Jessica has definitely brought something very special to the fashion world”

The red carpet event welcomed country ambassadors and consulates, department store and luxury boutique buyers, international fashion designers, and the press. The iconic catwalk and after party were supported by Jiffy Steamer, NYIB, Foto Care, DFX, Geo Events, NY Image Studio, Nunzio Saviano Salon, Laser Creative Canada, Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry, and Omni Berkshire Place Hotel among others.

J Spring Fashion Show 2015 is part of Jessica Minh Anh’s series of history making catwalks.

J Spring Fashion Show 2015 is part of Jessica Minh Anh’s series of history making catwalks at the most iconic venues in the world, following her recent sky-high successes on the Eiffel Tower, One World Trade Center, and most impressively, the Grand Canyon Skywalk. The show continued redefining modern standards and celebrating the rise of the new generation of creative leaders. These extremely talented and fiercely ambitious individuals would go the distance to prove their vision and hard work can change the world. Catwalking at 4,000 feet above the Colorado River and now on the Hudson River, Jessica Minh Anh is certainly a significant part of the new wave.


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