18 again : the secret to a new virginity?


A new “revolutionary” Indian cream is promising vaginal “rejuvenation”, a promise that has been criticized and praised at the same time by the fairer sex.

Becoming a virgin again is without a doubt a fantasy and a dream for most women. A dream that could come true according to this new product.

“18 again is India’s first, most advanced, femininity restoring cream. With exotic ingredients like gold dust and pomegranate, it has proven to be the most effective vaginal restoration cream available yet. 18 again has not only been created by top experts but also been approved by them and the FDA too.”

18 again. – Photo via Curry Nation

The ad and the campaign are drawing mixed reviews from Indian women, with some accusing the pharmaceutical company behind the product of cashing in on female insecurities in order to promote the cream.

The woman in the video repeatedly sings Madonna’s famous line from her song Like a Virgin “ooohh I feel like a virgin”.

Some women took to twitter and expressed their anger at the product :

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