5 steps to surviving holiday weight gain


Here it is! That time of the year where your fitness efforts are sabotaged more than ever. But the truth is, instead of worrying about what you’re eating between the 24th and the 1st, you better worry about what you’re eating between the 1st and the 24th!

Here are a few tips to go through the holidays without weight gain:

 1- Workout

Just because you have to sabotage your diet, doesn’t mean you also have to ditch your workout. Instead, go for group sports so you can have fun while you burn those extra desserts.

 2- Do not break your diet everyday

Stick to your normal diet, even try to stay light on the days where there is nothing special so you counterbalance those copious family dinners!

 3- Watch the alcohol consumption

Keep your alcohol consumption at a minimum; watching the food will not do if you do not count your drinks.

 4- Keep the food quantity under check

We all tend to over-eat during family/friend lunches and dinners, a good trick around this bad habit is to keep sparkling water handy; it’ll fill you up and prevent unconscious excesses.

 5- Go dancing

Going to parties instead of meals out will get you moving, so you’ll be spending your calories as you’re taking them. And it’s way more fun too!

Patricia I. Issa
Belle Beirut Team