Breastlight: the first home breast exam is now available in Lebanon


A new and innovative breast screening device to help detecting breast abnormalities is finally available in Lebanon and BelleBeirut will tell you all about it.

Lebanese women know how important breast cancer awareness is today, especially after recent studies have shown that Lebanon has a higher rate of breast cancer than other countries in the region. Therefore detecting the early sign of this disease can be a life saving action.

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Designed to be used in the comfort of your own home, Breastlight is a small electronic handheld device that produces a harmless red LED light.

Picture showing how the breasts looks like when using Breastlight.

This LED light shines through the breast tissue so that women can see some of the details inside: They will see veins and other blood vessels as dark lines in the breast. These are totally normal. Over time women will be able to can spot any changes and detect any abnormal signs at a very early stage.

The makers say it is not a diagnostic tool but rather a personal check up for women.

Breastlight is made in the United Kingdom and is on sale since 2006. More than 50,000 units have been sold during the first year of production and Breastlight is today on sale in 12 countries and in 650 Boots stores across the UK.

To buy the product you may contact Khayat Medical on 00961 9 9220997 or by clicking here

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