Falafel with cream cheese and sun-dried tomatoes recipe


Falafel is a worldwide recognized Middle Eastern food. Learn how to make a Falafel sandwish with a twist thanks to BelleBeirut.


250 grams of crushed dried fava beans

1 medium onion

2 medium garlic cloves

2 handfuls of fresh coriander

A tablespoon of cumin

A teaspoon of salt

A teaspoon of baking powder

150 grams cream cheese (Philadelphia, Ricotta, etc…)

25 grams sundried tomatoes

1 liter of fresh water

Falafel Preparation:

1. Soak the fava beans in 1 liter of water for 6 hours.
2. Place the onion, garlic, a handful of coriander, the cumin and the salt in the food
processor and mince well.
3. Remove the fava beans from the water.
4. Add half the fava beans to the food processor and mince well with the rest of the
ingredients, add the rest of the fava beans and the baking powder to the mix and mince
well again.
5. Add frying oil to a deep frying pan to a level that allows the falafel mix to be fully
covered and heat well
6. When the oil is hot enough, grab a handful of the mix and roll between the palm of your
hands, drop the falafel balls in the oil and fry until brown in color; turn to fry on the
other side too.
7. Remove and place on a plate covered with a thick napkin to soak the dripping oil

Filling Preparation:

1. Place the sundried tomatoes and a handful of the coriander in the food processor and
mince well. When done remove and place in a bowl
2. Add the cheese to the bowl and mix well with the tomatoes and coriander paste
3. Place the mix in a piping bag with a long medium to thin tip

How to Fill the Falafel Balls:

1. Hold the falafel using a thick napkin and using the tip, poke a hole in the side of the
falafel ball, squeeze the bag and fill as much as possible.
2. Spread some of the cheese mix on a plate in a rectangular manner and place the falafel
balls on it.
3. Sa7tein

Jad M. Rouhana
Belle Beirut Collaborating Editor