Ukrainian woman strips off at Beirut airport


A Ukrainian woman took off her clothes at the Beirut International airport on Saturday to protest the country’s smoking ban, according to several news report.

Lebanon has had its share of weird protests in 2012: from protesters cutting off roads with their own bodies, to others burning tires in the middle of the roads and some using electric poles or dumpsters to cut main roads off.

It seems the country has even become an inspiration for foreigners who wish to enjoy freedom of expression, even in the Arab world.

While naked protests are not uncommon in Eastern Europe, they are extremely rare and frowned upon in the middle-east.

Even if Lebanon has become a somewhat (and sometimes) “liberal” country, naked protest are a definite no-no.

Lebanese law states that indecent exposure can lead to imprisonment. Which is why the stunt that this Ukrainian woman pulled off on Saturday lead to her arrest by airport security.

According to several news reports, the woman took her clothes off when she found out that she wasn’t allowed to smoke inside the Beirut Airport.

People were shocked when they saw the naked woman, who sat on the floor inside the airport.

The new smoking ban was implemented in Lebanon on the 3rd of September, much to the dismay of Lebanese smokers.

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