10 ways to flirt with your face


There are some situations that do not require any words to be explained or understood. So find out the ways you can let your face do the talking.

Face first

Never mind body language, your face alone is all he needs to see to get the green-light signals on that first date…

Love triangle

Allow your gaze to drink in what you see. According to experts when we look at the faces of friends our eyes move in a triangle – from eye to eye and down at the nose and mouth. If we’re attracted to the person, the triangle gets wider at the bottom as we look further down and incorporate their body into our gaze.

Lingering looks

Holding his gaze is the most self-assured way to give him the green light. But you wouldn’t want to have sex without foreplay, would you? Therefore build things up gradually. Catch his eye briefly at first then lower your gaze. Look up again holding for longer this time and teaming with a hint of a smile.

Bat your lashes

It’s widely known that our pupils dilate when we’re looking at someone we find attractive. But did you know we apparently blink more, too? Up your blink rate and see if he does the same. If he does, you’re onto a winner. But don’t go overboard or he may just think you have something stuck in your eye.

Lingering lips

Once you get the hang of the ‘love triangle’, allow your gaze to linger on his lips for a little longer from time to time. This is a super-sensual move and indicates that you are wondering what it would be like to kiss him.

Smile like you mean it

Pouting can be sexy when it’s done right (see next tip) but first things first – you want him to know that you actually like being with him. And nothing shouts that more clearly than natural, happy smiles and laughter. A real smile as opposed to a fake one will cause wrinkles at the corner of your eyes but don’t worry, he’ll see this as your eyes lighting up – not a sign that you have crow’s feet.

Perfect your pout

Forget the Victoria Beckham impressions. Research suggests men find moody looking women a turn-off. Pouting is not about puckering your lips like you’re sucking a lemon. The sexiest pout is when you relax your mouth and allow your bottom lip to drop slightly open so he can see a little bit of white teeth showing through.

Teasing strokes

Touching your face, mouth or hair is a subconscious sign of sensuality. It will tell him that you’re a tactile person and give the signal that you want to touch him and be touched. He’ll be hot under the collar in no time.

Girlie charms

It’s a female instinct to bring out your feminine wiles when on a full-on charm offensive. Slightly tilting your head so you’re looking up at him coyly , twiddling your hair and biting your lower lip are all instinctive girlie tactics that will bring out his masculine side.


Now that you’ve learned a bit more about the secret signs that will tell him you’re keen hopefully the information will have been absorbed by your subconscious. Don’t spend too much time thinking about your body language and facial expressions. Simply relax and enjoy the company of your date and your face will naturally do the talking.

Decode his face

Experts claim that when a man is attracted to someone he lets his facial features ‘open’. His eyebrows raise, the eyes widen, his lips part slightly and his nostrils slightly flare. This means that he’s taking away the defences he might use in his more lad-oriented life and inviting you to see and engage with the real him.

Source: Cosmopolitan