5 signs he’s about to break up with you


Let’s face it ladies, breaking up always sucks. But when you’re the one who’s being dumped, you face a new level of what we like to call: Epic suck. Monumental suck. This is why we compiled the five most common warning signs that he’s about to break up with you.

 1- He spends less time with you

If he’s spending more time at work, and his nights out with the boys are becoming frequent, then it’s definitely a red light.

 2- He is no longer romantic

When your man no longer treats you like a princess, meaning no more opening the door for you, no more random love messages (or whatsapps for that matter), no more cute gifts or romantic dinners, and when passionate kissing turns into quick pecks (particularly no kiss during sex), it definitely means he’s preparing you for (the worst) what’s to come.

 3- He fantasizes about someone else

Is he continuously day dreaming? Does he call you by another girl’s name? Does he close his eyes during sex? If you just nodded for all of the above, you should be slapping him the next time you see him.

 4- He pats you during a hug

Is he hugging you like you’re one of the guys? Patting on the back is definitely not a good sign when it’s between two people who are deeply and passionately in love. So when he does it, make sure you thank him by patting him on the cheeks. A little stronger though.

 5- He tries to start fights

When every discussion between you two becomes an argument, and when he nags about anything and everything you do, it means he’s angry just because he can’t find a way to break up. Beat him to it.

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