Sex : Does size really matter?


It’s the question that’s always on men’s minds : does penis size really matter? We have the answer, and it’s not that simple.

Thousands of studies have recently been conducted to quench men’s thirst for answers about the average size of their goodies. Most researches point out that 14 cm (5.5 inches) is the average penis length for an adult man, but experts and sexologist agree that the average size differs from one country to the other and may vary between 13 cm and 15 cm.

Now that the average size is worked out, we may give you the answer you are all waiting for. Does size really matter? Well… not as much as you think!

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Okay, okay hold your horses. This does not mean some women would settle for a micro-penis (sorry, guys). But it seems they tend to prefer girth over length and mostly would be pleased with an average sized penis. When a man has an average sized penis, size won’t matter anymore because he will be able to make the most out of it, meaning : it all comes down to how he will use his average size penis, because he can. (Some positions just don’t work with large penises and some just don’t work with small ones).

Also, (and surprisingly) there are some women who prefer a below average penis size, just because they are naturally tight down there (careful now).

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All in all, men should know every woman has different preferences, some wouldn’t be impressed by a very large penis, some would be very pleased with a below average one and for some, a small penis would be a deal breaker.

Satisfied? Probably not. You’re still wondering if you have the right size or not. The answer is simple: look her in the eyes *you know when*.

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