Three mistakes all women do in bed!


In his cult song, Georges Michael sings “Sex is natural – sex is fun”, and he’s right! Boys brag about it, girls gossip about it. Its one of those things that just never gets old. But are you finding that it’s just not as exciting as you remembered or wished? Well you could be committing one or all of the three cardinal mistakes!

If that is the unfortunate case, don’t worry. BelleBeirut is here to help! And lucky for you, they’re very simple and easy to change!

1- Only doing it at night.

Let’s face it. We are all busy people with busy schedules and busy lives. Therefore, we tend to reserve sex for after dark. It only makes sense that we do the deed after work hours, when the kids are tucked into bed (or when the parents are far, far away). Although this is logical, it is crucial to realize that sex in the mornings and afternoons can be just as hot.

2- Limiting sex to the bedroom.

Obviously, sex in the bedroom is convenient and comfortable. But, there are so many other fun and exciting places to get it on. Doing it outside of the bedroom can take your sex life to a whole new level. While a lot of couples brag about doing it in a movie theater, we know many of you can be more creative than that! Click here to read about the 10 most unusual places to have sex in.

3- Skipping preliminaries

While the occasional quicky is both fun and… well quick – sex is more about being passionate and taking the time to enjoy your loved one’s body. Never underestimate the power of a sensual massage, of kissing, of romantic and sexual “warm up” talk before you get to it!