Mirror Mirror : a “fair” adaptation of the brothers Grimm classic tale


“Snow White and the seven dwarfs” is imprinted in the childhood memories of almost every generation. Mirror Mirror is just another adaptation of the brothers Grimm classic tale, with a modern twist.

BelleBeirut’s rating: ☼☼☼☼☼

An evil but beautiful queen (Julia Roberts) marries a widowed king. The king dies and soon after his death she takes over control of his kingdom. The king’s daughter Snow White (Lilly Collins) lives confined in the castle by orders of the queen, and will not see her birthright anytime soon. Enter a young prince, seven not so small dwarfs, a wooden giant, and some bollywood style dancing.

The movie looks really good, the colors, costumes, and especially the castle and it’s surroundings are very enchanting.
The cast is decent. Lilly Collins as Snow White delivers a good performance, nothing more.
Julia Roberts is really good as the Evil queen, funny but psycho scary at the same time.
The real treat is Nathan Lane as the queen’s right hand man, made me laugh almost every time he was on screen.

The movie is fairly good. It’s Snow White with a twist, but you watch it without real involvement. The idea of modernizing certain bits of the story was a good idea but you can’t help but feel that a little more work on the script would’ve made it a really good movie.

By Edwin Harb Kadri