Dancing with the stars: And the winner is Naya


The Lebanese version of “Dancing With The Stars” ended on Sunday night with the crowning of: Naya.

Nada Bou Farhat and her partner Assadour came in third place and Rosarita Tawil and her partner Aslak came in second, though they were the fan and judge favorites throughout the competition.


The Top 3 — Rosarita, Naya and Nada — performed their best two dances in the first part of the show, and then the two finalists Rosarita and Naya performed a freestyle dance for the second part of the show.

Nada Bou Farhat and Assadour

First Dance : Jive to “The Boy does nothing” – Score: 35
Second Dance : Foxtrot to “Mon Mec à Moi” – Score: 40
Total Score: 75

Naya and Abdo

First Dance : Tango to “Bahlam Bik” – Score: 35
Second Dance : Samba to “Spice Up Your Life” – Score: 39
Total Score: 74

Rosarita and Aslak

First Dance : Viennese Waltz to “La Foule” – Score: 40
Second Dance : Passo-doble to “Can you feel the love?” – Score: 36
Total Score: 76

The finale brought back all of the “Dancing With The Stars” competitors: Michel Bou Sleiman, Walid al-Alayli, Wissam Hanna, Nicolas Mouawad, Mirva Kadi, Rabih Baroud and Haifa Haddad. There were group dances, a lovely performance by popular jury member Darren Bennet and his wife Lilya Kopoliya.

Rosarita and Aslak
Rosarita and Aslak

For her freestyle dance, Rosarita danced to Abba’s “Dancing Queen”, a performance that was hailed by the jury members who congratuled the former beauty queen for her class, her style and her skills.

Singer Naya’s freestyle dance was to LMFAO’s “Everyday I’m Shuffling”, a funky and very jumpy performance which was also hailed by the jury members.

The winner was crowned after the public’s vote results were announced: Rosarita got 38% of the votes whereas Naya got 62% of the votes.

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