Enrique Iglesias takes a picture of his manhood during his concert in Lebanon

Enrique Iglesias takes a picture of his manhood - Photo via MixFm Facebook page

Latino lover Enrique Iglesias set the stage on fire during his concert in Beirut on July 4th, much to the pleasure of his Lebanese fans.

Enrique’s performance was breathtaking, as usual. The latino beau interacted with a lot of his fans who came in tens of thousands to watch him at the “Beirut Waterfront”.

A lucky belle was chosen and got a hug and a kiss on stage, a tradition in any Enrique Iglesias concert.

The singer was also cheered when he took out his camera and took a picture inside his pants, also a common stunt during his concerts!

With his charming voice and sensual looks he danced an unforgettable night away. The concert, which was attended by tens of thousands of Lebanese fans, was organized by MixFm.

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