Myriam Klink releases her new music video “Badi Wale3 Albak Nar”


Myriam Klink released the music video of her latest single “Badi Wale3 Albak Nar” (I want to set your heart on fire), which features the sultry model dancing on a beach resort in dozens of sexy dresses !

The scene opens with Klink entering the C-Flow beach resort, located north of Beirut, in a dazzling black dress. The blond beauty then dances around in different mini-dresses and bikinis, in and around the pool, much to the amazement of those around.

The long awaited music video is directed by Zahy Alameh, the song lyrics are by Amir Awad, the music is composed and aranged by Amer Mansour.

This is not Myriam Klink’s first song, the model had entered the local music scene when she released in 2012 a song titled “3antar”.