Prince Harry was “trying to get everybody naked”


A party girl who was present during Prince Harry’s infamous Las Vegas party in which he appeared nude reveals juicy details about this unforgettable night.

Carrie Reichert, a British blond party girl that lives in California recently opened up about Prince Harry’s wild night in his VIP Las Vegas hotel suite on August 20, in an interview with British Magazine, The People.

“We kissed, he was naked at the time, and pretty open. It was a drunken fumble. It wasn’t romantic, just fun,” Reichert says. “He was a gentleman, but he was so wasted. The alcohol affected him. I was there for 15 to 20 minutes.”

Prince Harry naked in his Las Vegas hotel room on August 20th, 2012 – Photo via

“There was a pool table and he was ­playing air guitar with pool sticks. He was screaming out, ‘Somebody get me a glove! I’m going to do a Michael Jackson impression!'”
“He would just randomly walk up to you and hug you,” Reichert adds. “He was just really friendly and there were just really ­random naked hugs. It was funny.”

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According to the blond party girl, there were a lot of people who were naked in the room. “He was trying to get everybody to get naked”, she said. adding that the British royal was screaming out, ‘Everybody get naked!’ Just randomly doing crazy stuff. He was pressing his body up against the window and saying, ‘Look at me, Vegas!'”