The Voice France: Hiba Tawaji amazes the judges


Lebanese singer Hiba Tawaji stunned The Voice France’s judges and captivated the audience during her Saturday performance.

Hiba Tawaji barely sang two words on Saturday’s The Voice France before she drew a smile on Mika’s face and got him to turn around… Moments later the other three judges Jenifer, Zazie, and Florent Pagny pushed their buttons too.

Tawaji performed a beautiful version of Michael LeGrand’s “Les moulins de mon coeur” (The Mills of My Heart) in French and Arabic, with her deep, charming voice.
She quickly seduced the audience and the Judges who fought hard to get her on their team.

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While Florent Pagny, Jenifer and Zazie clearly expressed their amazement following her performance and tried seducing her, the Lebanese singer decided to choose a judge who had the same roots: Mika!
The British star of Lebanese origins was delighted at Tawaji’s choice and promised to make her shine.

Tawaji is not the only Lebanese candidate on this year’s show, Lea Tchéna a 19 year old half-Lebanese singer, also made it to the next round and joined Zazie’s team. (Click here to watch her performance)

This is not the first time that Lebanese candidates shine on the popular French TV Show. Last year, Aline Lahoud made it through the first round and went for Florent Pagny’s team.

The year before saw young talent Anthony Touma shine and reach the semi-finals before being controversially eliminated by his coach Jenifer.

In 2012, during the show’s first season, another Lebanese talent shined and was eliminated in the quarter finals.