Top 5 Arab talk show fights


If there’s one thing we love about boring Arab talk shows, it’s the occasional (yet very violent) brawls that erupt between rival guests. Here’s our list of the funniest ones!

5- Rima Karaki vs. Islamist extremist

This one is not a fight per se, but it definitely makes the list because it shows the first time an Arab female talk show host stands up to the insults and degrading comments of a (worthless) guest. Just watch.

4- Water fight on Al-Manar TV

When guests accuse each other of being traitors, water fights should erupt.

3- Brawl on Jordanian TV over Saddam Hussein Legacy

Jordanian talk shows are regularly the scene of brawls and fights between rival guests. In this particular incident, two guests are arguing about the legacy of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

2- Guests fight plus gun pulled on Jordanian TV

Another Jordanian talk show makes the list. This time, two guests are arguing about the Syrian conflict. One ends up pulling a gun and you can guess how things go from there.

1- Chairs flying on Lebanese TV

This one is a personal favorite. Two guests are arguing about Syrian President Bachar el-Assad. Fayez Chokr (pro-Syrian) is offended by Moustapha Allouche’s comments and decides that chairs should fly. because of what he said about the Syrian president.


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