C-Flow: your perfect getaway to relax and unwind in Lebanon


C-Flow is a luxurious beach resort located on the Byblos seaside, north of Beirut. BelleBeirut tells you all there is to know about this little piece of paradise in an exclusive interview with one of the managing partners.

In between two hills overlooking the Byblos seaside lies the perfect getaway for beach goers looking for a place to relax, tan and spend a wonderful time by the sea.
“This place is a blessing”, says Alain Matar one of the managing partners of the resort, in an exclusive interview with BelleBeirut. “C-Flow is a beach resort but also a popular venue for weddings, private dinners and concerts”, adds Mr Matar.

Design and concept

C-Flow beach.
C-Flow beach.

The name of the resort says it all: the “flow” refers to the water flowing towards the beach and the “C” is a nod to the Mediterranean sea. “The name was coined with the sea in mind. We first chose the word “Flow” and then I asked myself, +What Flows?+, and I added the letter C right after that”, says Mr Matar.

In fact C-Flow is a true reflection of its name given the fact that the relationship between the resort and the sea is a very unique one. “The resort is set up on several rising levels to maximize the space and preserve the independence of every guest. The first level is the sea level, the second level is the wedding area, the third one is the Jacuzzi and pool area, and the last level is reserved to the bungalows. Wherever you stand you can see the whole resort without anything blocking your way.”

C-Flow is an adult only (18+) resort, it is meant for individuals, couples or groups looking for a relaxing stay at the beach. “The Lebanese coast is filled with family resorts, C-Flow is one of the only ones exclusively reserved for adults. It is meant to be a relaxing getaway”, says Mr Matar.

A relaxing getaway that is more like a heaven for beach goers: “Three jacuzzi islands are available only for advance bookings. We also have three large and comfortable bungalows, perfect for honeymooners”.

Sunset at C-Flow
Sunset at C-Flow

The general view of the resort gives it a loungy feel and look. The colors used for every single piece in the resort have been carefully chosen to blend in with the relaxing mood. “We chose blue and white which are a constant reminder of the color of the sea”, explains Mr Matar.

Food and beverage
Delicious food is abundant on this beautiful resort which has two restaurants and a lovely bar embedded inside the exotic pool.

“Both restaurants are managed by Blends, the first one is Zahr el-Laymoun which offers sea food, grill meat and Lebanese mezze. The second one is Waterlemon which offers international cuisine (pizza, burgers, subs)”, explains Mr Matar. “Swimmers can enjoy a drink while in the pool, or they can sip it in the comfort of their own chair or bed”.

A delicious cocktail from the C-Flow bar.
A delicious cocktail from the C-Flow bar.

Both restaurants overlook the sea enabling guests to enjoy a lovely meal in the same relaxing mood of the resort.

No food or pets are allowed inside the resort for security and health concerns, which are a “priority” according to Alain Matar.

Health and safety
C-Flow has set itself apart of other nearby resorts in terms of cleanliness, hygiene and overall respect to the environment. “We are the only resort in the region to have installed a waste water treatment system. No sewage from C-Flow is thrown out to sea. All waste water is treated and filtered and then used for irrigation”, says Mr Matar while showing the waste water treatment machine of the resort.
“We keep the beach clean and do our best to protect the environment.”

The resort is of course up to the ministry of Health’s standards. “Hygiene is very important for us, especially at our restaurants”, adds Mr Matar.

Events and entertainment
C-Flow is without a doubt a main attraction for summer 2013’s long list of events in Lebanon. On June 16th Albert Boyagian set the resort on fire while 40 international top models took the runway by storm.
“The event was a success, the resort was packed and we even had to set up more beds to accommodate more guests”, says Mr Matar.

“We’ll be having themed nights with buffets and beach parties with entertainment and DJs all summer long”.

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Last year, C-Flow had one of the most successful beach parties of the year with international artist Bob Sinclair. “This year we’re hoping to have at least two international artists perform at the resort”, reveals Mr Matar.

The resort is also very popular for bachelor parties and wedding as well as “private dinners and business luncheons”.

Security situation
Despite the recent security incidents in Lebanon, the country’s resorts are standing strong and C-Flow is one of them. “The delicate situation in the country will have an impact on the summer season on the macro level, however our resort is very popular amongst local clientele and is located in a safe and calm area.”

Plans for the future
C-Flow has been around for four years and has already established itself as one of the best resorts in Lebanon. “We were able to increase our weekly guests mostly thanks to our good reputation and through word of mouth. This year we launched our first advertising campaign”.

The resort was also renovated this year and a few extra touches were added, “we learned from our flaws and fixed them”.

“We’re hoping to expand in the next five years and add a new independent section in the resort for children. It will be a sort of beach nursery handled by certified professionals. Children may spend time on the beach in a safe and educational environment while their parents would be relaxing a few meters away, in good hands,” concludes Mr. Alain Matar.

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