Crêperies are not as ubiquitous in Beirut as they are in Paris or Brussels, but we do have many gems. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite crêperies in and around Beirut (so far)!

5- Dip and Dip

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A relative newcomer on the scene, Dip and Dip is all about anything sweet. Although the place offers a wide variety of mouthwatering desserts, their chocolate crêpes definitely stand out. A must try, especially if you happen to run into one of their many branches at Beirut’s malls.

4- Tonino

It started out as a small crêperie in the quiet village of Brummana, and rapidly grew into one of the most widespread crêpe franchises in the country! Famous for their unique crêpe batter, Tonino’s secret recipe is delivered to all of its branches throughout the country every morning so that their clients can enjoy the same taste wherever they are! The place offers salty and sweet crêpes with every imaginable flavor. Our favorite? The Nutella!

3- Let’s Chocolate

Let’s Chocolate is one of the only crêpe kiosks you can’t miss because of it’s design. The kiosks consist of a large-scale Nutella jar, which you can find on the Dbayeh Highway’s Hypco station going towards Jounieh. They are also present in most food festivals and the place is always packed even after midnight and in the early morning hours. Also offering sweet and salty crêpes, Let’s Chocolate stands out thanks to their tasty batter and delicious flavors.

2- Crepaway

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If you’ve never tried Crepaway’s legendary crêpes, then stop reading and go have one right now! The famous Lebanese diner needs no introductions, and their desserts always stand out from the competition. Needless to say, their crêpes (especially the chocolate crêpe) are hands down one of the country’s best, if not the region’s.

1- Mathieu

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Crêpe Mathieu is the most recently opened crêperie in this list, and definitely a personal favorite. The place is all about crêpes, but crêpes that are out of this world. The owners have taken it upon themselves to take crêperies in Lebanon to a whole new level by offering some never-seen-before salty and sweet flavors that will leave you breathless. A must try!

Disclaimer: This a subjective list that is solely based on the writer’s own taste. It does not reflect the actual popularity, reviews, or ratings of the above-mentioned restaurants on other platforms. And it certainly doesn’t mean there aren’t other great crêperies and contenders out there, we just didn’t partake of those. If you know a great crêperie and think we should try it out, please contact us. It may take a lifetime to test all crêperies and we’re willing to do that!